LED light elegance for a cozy bedroom

Handmade LED candles

Turning your bedroom into a romantic place doesn’t have to put a real strain on your wallet. With just a few simple ideas like decorative accessories‚ LED Lightening‚ carpets and art walls‚ you can transform it into a haven.

First the basics

By adding soft‚ cozy accents like soft rug and fluffy carpet is the perfect place to start. Neutral colors paired with soft materials bring the romance-like environment right to your bedroom. Besides‚ the fluffy carpet brings touch of elegance in your home. In my family we all love going around barefooted so it is a great pleasure to have a soft and fluffy carpet like this on the picture.


Cozy atmosphere with traditional candles and a fluffy carpet

Don’t forget to use your wall space with artfully arranged decor. The bedroom is a room that often gets left out when it comes to beautiful wall decor. Don’t forget that the wood material feels warm and more natural.

Continue with the classics – scented candles

One of my favorite decorative accessories for a romantic evening is the smelly candle. Outfit your bedroom with sweet and nice smells. Many use environmentally friendly waxes such as soy and vegetable varieties to ensure a clean burn which combined with high quality essential oils and perfumes give a strong‚ aromatic scent.

One my favorite scents – an herbaceous harmony of Mediterranean olive blend

One my favorite scents – an herbaceous harmony of Mediterranean olive blend Source

With a dazzling array of scents to choose from you will find something for every season with light and sunny fragrances for the warmer months‚ to rich‚ homely aromas for when the weather gets colder.

Try the homely smell of a woody-scent candle to ensure home always smells tantalizingly inviting. One of my favorite scents is the Mediterranean olive blend embellished with fresh lavender and aromatic eucalyptus amid sheer floral nuances of lily and hyacinth above a soft background of precious woods and rich patchouli. I adore its scent!

Edison bulbs combined with LED light

Like wall art‚ people often overlook the need for LED Decoration in a bedroom setting when in reality this is the perfect way to add luxury to your space.

Chandelier Vintage Design Bulbs American Style Downlight

Chandelier Vintage Design Bulbs American Style Downlight Source

In bedroom it is possible to think of LED lighting that is soft and soothing. The main source of LED lighting is not necessary to be strong‚ since we spend the least time in this room and mostly at bedtime.

When it comes to design‚ the best way is to split the LED lighting system into two separate parts – main stage and additional with concealed lighting fixtures. In fact‚ a small chandelier or bold pendant is a beautiful way to refresh your design. Next you see an example of a chandelier vintage design bulbs downlight. Instead utilizing traditional edison bulbs one can go with LED edison bulbs‚ as well. Doing that you make sure that your light will become an eye-catcher!

Flameless Candles – an alternative that surprises

Handmade flameless candle

Handmade flameless candle

However‚ there is another way to add some romantic atmosphere… The  LED candles are a beautiful addition to your home decoration.  Flemeless or LED candles should be your favorite home accessories‚ especially if you are not a fan of smoky and smelly candles. With the soft flickering amber effect of your LED candles you will always feel cozy and relax in your bedroom. After all‚ this place is the most private space at home.

If you have some ideas or just want to share your opinion please don’t hesitate and leave a comment or drop me a line. Enjoy your time at home!


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