LED lighting ideas for home bar

Home bar with LED lighting

I was recently at the home of a friend to celebrate his wedding. As I followed him into his home‚ he led me to his home bar.

A home bar is home port for a connoisseur of fine wines‚ scotches and cognacs. He said it better – “My home bar is something like the yacht for the sailor – it’s not about showing up but about passion and lifestyle!”

After awhile I realized that LED lighting is a perfect complement to a home bar. It can set the mood with specialized lighting effects to go along with a festive occasion‚ making the home bar a home pub.

As you know I have a keen interest for LED light solutions and concepts‚ so here is a blog post about what to consider when planning your “private pub”.

Choose the right decorative LED lighting

LED spotlight

LED spotlight

Proper LED lighting plays an important role in setting the mood for a traditional “pub” home bar. After the cabinet is done choosing an appropriate lighting is crucial. My friend had made exceptionally good choices on the LED lighting effects.

He used LED spotlights to highlight the wall details and ornaments and green lighting to showcase the contents of his well-stocked bar. This is also a good technique for showcasing the surrounding decor.

Everyone admired the “pub” and you can see for yourself in the attached photos how well it came off.

Bar decorative LED lighting can often be functional LED lighting as well. Bar cabinet and shelf green lights provide a decorative Irish pub touch and brighten up the shelves for easier access to bar bottles and glassware. Don’t forget to stress any eye-caching paintings or cabinet ornaments.

What is a task LED lighting for?

Very often aren’t the spot LED lights enough to enlighten the entire room. This is the case if the home bar is integrated into the living space of your home. Nevertheless‚ you always want to have some kind of a task light.

Ambient LED lighting should blanket the establishment with luminescent tones and appealing hues of orange. Task LED lighting is especially essential for effective and functional bar service and safety. Narrow foot traffic areas‚ including entrances or hallways‚ should be well lit but not overwhelmed with light. Overhead ceiling fixtures‚ wall sconces‚ recessed LED lighting and pendant LED lighting can provide ambient LED lighting for different areas of the bar – see the example below. All of these LED lighting styles can be paired with a mirror to create the illusion of a larger space and reflect more light.

led spotlighting in my friend’s bar

LED spotlighting in my friend’s bar

Some other modern design ideas

Of course you May want some fancier designs since you May have tasted the good life. Here you will see how far you can go in terms of loving your home bar corner…

Check also these:

Wood home bar Source

Wood home bar Source

car bar designed by the UK Architect Zaha Hadid

car bar designed by the UK Architect Zaha Hadid

Finally‚ I would like to introduce you to a fancy bar in Greece with an interactive bar surface. This is basically pretty much outdated touch screen LED technology but it still really nice cool and after all it really connects the people on the bar.

If you know some exquisite examples of home bars that you really like‚ please share with us.

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