Romantic Flameless Candles


Candles have been a staple for romantic dates for nearly as long as candles have been around. They’re perfect mood setters. Slow gentle music‚ good food‚ and dim‚ sensual lighting are the essential ingredients for romance.

However‚ candles aren’t always easy. The wax can get messy. They eventually melt down. And‚ of course‚ they’re a fire hazard. What a mood killer it could be‚ if you’re trying to concentrate on your romantic partner‚ but all you can think about is the candle falling over and setting your place on fire!

Is there a way to get the romantic atmosphere of candles‚ without all the messy risks? Something that’s been trending lately is the flameless candle! With a LED candle‚ you can practice fire safety‚ and still be romantic. Here are some reasons you should use romantic flameless candles for your next date.

They come in all shapes and sizes

A flameless or electrical candle essentially uses LED technology to give the illusion of a candle-lit room. They come in many different styles. Basically‚ if you can find a candle‚ you can find a LED candle that looks the same! From simple to more intricate designs‚ you can decorate your house with these useful elegant accessories. You can even find RGB candles‚ which means they change colors. You can’t get normal candles that do that.

Romantic flameless candles aren’t a fire hazard

The great thing about LED candles‚ as oppose to real candles‚ is that you can leave them running all night if you get distracted. And if the date is going well‚ let’s hope you’ll be distracted!

They’re cost effective and last forever

romantic angel candle

romantic flameless Archangel sending a kiss

LED battery operated candles are a great and affordable touch to add to your house or apartment. Usually you can get them in sets‚ so you could get multiple candles for around twenty or thirty dollars or Euros. It’s a bargain if you remember that the wax won’t melt down. Flammable candles cost about the same‚ but won’t last you nearly as long.

If you prefer some more trendy and extraordinary designs‚ you can go with handmade LED candles with fancy shapes like rose or drops bowl. Don’t forget the Archangels who bring love‚ as well. To read more about the symbolic of the Archangels see the blog post of Doreen Virtue “5 Archangels That Can Help You Find Love”.

All you need then is a bottle of wine and some good music to dance to.


romantic LED roses candles

They can feel as real as traditional candles

Some people are hesitant about getting flameless candles because they don’t have a nice smell that a lot of candles have. There is a reason for that since the LED candles can last for years. You don’t want the same fragrance for years at home‚ don’t you? However‚ when you set the mood‚ you want to engage all the senses. The closest thing to the smell of candles without the flames are oil warmers. You won’t even be able to tell the difference. And a lot of the options for fragrant oil at Yankee Candle are the same scents as their candles.

You can have a romantic date without all the hassle of messy and hazardous candles. It just takes a little bit of creativity! Once you make the switch‚ you’ll feel a lot better knowing you’re practicing good fire safety. Who said being cautious couldn’t be romantic?



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