Top 3 Easter Trends for 2016

Easter Decoration Trends 2016

Simplicity meets elegance – The three most beautiful decoration trends for Easter time

The morning birds are chirping and the first warm sunrays slowly greet the spring. The most  beautiful season has begun and only a few days are left until the ensuing Easter. So I want to share with you some ideas of my personal top trends for Easter spring decoration.

As usual we have the classic colors like green and yellow in combination with Easter bunnies, eggs and colorful flowers. However, more color and material trends will be added this year and the feeling goes back to nature.

Pastel – The new Easter decoration color trend

Pastel tones are totally in this year not only for clothing or hair color, but also inspire the Easter decorations. Whether fresh flowers or colored Easter eggs, the trendy pastel shades like pink, light blue, yellow or mint green, in combination creates a harmonious spring mood. In addition, it goes back to natural materials.

Pastel Easter decoration

Pastel Easter decoration

Bunnies everywhere

Very trendy for Easter 2016 are bunny prints on cushions. Everywhere you turn you see pillows representing Easter bunnies as a complement to a new and creative Easter decorations.

This funny decoration idea inspires young and old, me as well. That way Easter could be represented even on piece of furniture or bedding and at the same time a funny mood for the Easter holidays would be brought at home.

Since they are available in different sizes and shapes and also follow the pastel color trend they can be used as the final complement to a modern Easter decoration.


No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow

…so I say go for flower power! The decoration for Easter brings the fresh and colorful mood of the upcoming springtime. A very good choice is including spring flowers into your Easter decoration.

An Egg Dish is an easy and beautiful decoration for Easter with amazing flowers bringing spring atmosphere into your home. Mound hollowed out, painted or dyed eggs in a clear compote and in addition a little water. Then stick stems of delphinium and pom-pom mums in the crevices between the eggs. Simply beautiful!

Flowers and candles complement each other and, together, make wonderful centerpieces to suit Easter. Regardless of your interior style, a flower and candle arrangement will create a powerful focal point that will draw the eye. Our expert artisan celebrates the upcoming spring by carving brightly colored flowers in a delicate wax candle. Sabine is a very creative blogger from Sweden and has some beautiful ideas for the upcoming spring decorating with spring flowers and candles.

I am absolutely thrilled with this year’s decoration trends for Easter. Besides pastel colors we have a great choice of natural materials like wood and hay worn in combination with porcelain figurines. Flowers are the perfect fresh match for Easter being the first sign of the upcoming spring. This mixture of styles creates a completely new look and adds elegance to this year’s Easter.

Which one do you like most?

Happy Easter to you and all your loved ones!


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