The 3 best gift ideas for her – women`s hearts beat faster

Vases from Guax

My best friend is celebrating her 30th birthday in two weeks. We have been friends since kindergarten and I wanted to give her for this day something new and special. She is a very elegant lady with a personal and exclusive taste.

While I was looking for the perfect gift the Ambiente fair took place in Frankfurt and so my visit there was a perfect source of inspiration. After I had gained a first impression of the latest trends at the Ambiente fair, I could reduce my choice to three gift ideas.

1.Gift Idea: Restrained Elegance

The exclusive Vase of “Guaxs” could be an appropriate gift for my girlfriend`s stylish taste. The high quality lighting objects of the German family-owned company are inspired by the bond of different cultures and the tracing of their common features from antiquity to modern times.

The designers and artisans at Guaxs use only sustainable materials to create unique long-living objects. The subtle color scheme allows it to position the light accessories in a variety of environments and adorn a room with elegance and tranquility.

Gift: Vase from Guaxs

Vase from Guaxs

Gift: Guaxs Light Accessories

Guaxs Light Accessories

2.Gift Idea: Modern Home and Living Accessories for Your Own Oasis

By getting more into the premium product world of the home and living accessories, I stop at “Claudi“, the Dutch producer of fashionable pillows.

The high quality pillows are handmade in local workshops with utmost responsibility, using the best materials, with greatest attention to detail and passion. The high quality, the variety of materials and the colors create rich collections that express pure life.

The amazing pieces of the Claudi sets are ideally suited as an exclusive gift for my girlfriend and could give her home a unique accent.

Gift: Claudi Home- and Living Accessories

Claudi Home- and Living Accessories

Gift: Modern Pillows from Claudi

Modern Pillows from Claudi

3. Gift Idea: Elegant Accessories for the Modern Woman

The fancy “Ögon Clutch” is still causing for a big surprise, when presented as a gift. The “Ögon Card Case Quilted Zipper” in combination with the “Ögon Euro Coin Dispencer” shows an innovative way to better carry the change with you and to avoid the long search for the right coins in your wallet.

Ögon has its roots in Sweden. After the completion of the first model, inspired by the mystic of the Far North, the company moved to the city of love. The famous Stockholm model was the first design wallet made of aluminum.

As an environmentally conscious company that produces as much as possible locally in Paris, the creative team of Ögon uses recycled aluminum and prohibits the use of harmful chemicals in the production.

Since 2012 Ögon’s new visual identity and collections have been inspired by the famous French designer Eric Berthes. Besides the high quality, unique and waterproof design of the models, Ögon has developed a security system incorporated in the wallet itself that protects all credit cards contained in it from hackers. With the development of this security system ten years ago Ögon became the ancestors of this technology.

In my opinion, a fancy gift with a security system is a big surprise and shows thoughtfulness.

Gift: Ögon Collection

Ögon Collection

Gift: Ögon Waterproof Wallets

Ögon Waterproof Wallets

Gift: Euro Coin Dispenser from Ögon

Euro Coin Dispenser from Ögon

Gift: Ögon Euro Coin Dispenser

Ögon Euro Coin Dispenser

The possibilities to find a suitable gift for a woman are almost unlimited and I have experienced a veritable over stimulation. Therefore, it is more important to focus on the person and their interests, in order to be able to choose better which accessory is the real surprise.

For my girlfriend, I have now listed the three most suitable gift ideas and hope I could inspire you and bring the latest trends in more detail.



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