Useful Kitchen Accessories for the Elegant Taste

Vagnbys Set fancy kitchen Accessories

I was looking for new inspirations and interior trends, that make the big picture complete and I found them at the Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt. The new home and living trends at the Ambiente Fair were not really evident to me.

A lot of designers, many colors, much is well known and yet innovative – the sustainability moves further and further into focus.

The stand of Vagnbys, mysterious, stylish and striking for its elegance draws my glance immediately like a magnet.

The Danish industrial designer Marcus Vagnby inspires not only with elegant forms, aesthetics and functionality. His models impress rather with elements of surprise and reflect the beauty of the mind.

The Vagnbys Wine-Decantiere with its uniqueness and multi-functionality is simply a MUST HAVE kitchen accessory for every wine lover. True wine connoisseurs will appreciate the many functions of the elegant Wine-Decantiere:

– Better taste

– Easy pouring

– Instant aeration

– Build-in filter

– No-drip edge

– Air tight stopper

– Covers foil edges

– Hides screw treads

Wine Decantiere - Kitchen Accessory from Vagnbys

Wine Decantiere – Kitchen Accessory from Vagnbys

Vagnbys Kitchen Accessory - Wine Decantiere

Vagnbys Wine Decantiere

The Grand Carafe with removable base system is another MUST HAVE kitchen accessory, which combines style and functionality with an elegant minimalism.

Vagnbys Grand Carafe - modern Kitchen Accessories

Vagnbys Grand Carafe

The Wine-Decantiere together with the Grand Carafe is an elegant kitchen accessory with a multi-functionality, which is wonderful for an exclusive Wine-Tasting evening in your own home in a special atmosphere.

Vagnbys kitchen Accessories Set

Vagnbys Kitchen Accessories Set

Vagnbys Set - Kitchen Accessories

Vagnbys Set – Kitchen Accessories

As the demand for practical kitchen accessories continues to grow, many people do not want to spend much money on everyday items.

Thomas Grothkopp, managing director of the Federation of German Furniture, Kitchen and Facility Equipment Dealers says: “In the brand products world one treat themself all the more with innovative products with exceptional designs.”

The season of the private Wine-Tasting parties can begin!

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