Enjoying Outdoor Life: Light Decoration for a Cozy Balcony in the Summer

Light decoration for the balcony

After the first flowers are faded, the weather is getting warmer, our mood is getting better and so our desire to spend more time outdoors grows.

The friendly rays of the forthcoming summer shine purely through the windows of the spring refreshed apartment and finally it is time to welcome the season of the balcony-parties for coffee, brunches and wine with good friends.

All the memories of last year inspired me to decorate my balcony with new light accessories. I have a cheerful light decoration idea, which may conjure you with a nice mood for the coming summer.


Light Decoration: String Lights not Only in Winter

They blink, spreading pleasant light and are quickly hung up. String lights are not just a Christmas decoration for a long time now. Throughout the year they bring atmospheric light and good mood at home. Also in the outdoor area string lights provide cozy atmosphere in the summer and bring a bright shine to a balcony.

The many small lights – sometimes up to 150 pieces on a string – make a string light as light decoration so pleasant in every season. They act like many small candle flames and give a room a festive and intimate atmosphere.



String Lights Are Not the Same as String Lights!

This light decoration accessories are available in almost every cable color, from silver to white, also in dark colors from black to blue. The forms vary, small and large, round or with a decorative screen, modern or vintage. Also here is a wide range of colors to choose from. There is something for everyone! Also for the kids with funny shapes and colors.

There are three types with their own advantages: solar string lights, string lights with plugs or string lights with batteries. Solar string lights and models with batteries are mobile. String lights with electricity are more suitable for the long-term use.






Safety First

String lights as atmospheric light decoration accessories for the balcony are especially beautiful. Before use it should be paid attention to their outdoor suitability. String lights with the designated protection IP44 are suitable for outdoors because they are protected against splashing water. The CE marking is also a sign you should look for. It indicates whether the string lights comply with the European Directives.

It Is Time to Enjoy the Outdoor Parties

String lights are considered harmonic light sources in summer indoor and outdoor areas and will create a special lighting effect on your next outdoor party.

I am excited about the many different string lights types and will choose mine to match the rest of my balcony decoration, so the first romantic summer evening can finally come.

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